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When i first heard about Who Killed Sara? online, i thought to myself that with a premise and cast like that , what could go wrong with Who Killed Sara?? Well there could have been a lot of things. For example the plot may have been overdone or under thought , direction may have been all over the place , but the first episode proved that it was not to be so.
Who Killed Sara? online is by far the greatest TV show ever .
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The plot looks delicious...yes it does and the neat direction just purely compliments the smooth design of Who Killed Sara? online. Even though story telling is non linear at times , but it has been managed very well with subtle dialogue and the growing suspense. It does get dark at times but handles all its complications with ease.
The casting is clever...very clever. Alejandro Nones, Carolina Miranda, Claudia Ramírez, Eugenio Siller, Ginés García Millán are brilliant actors and at the same time have a certain mystery about them that is Perfect for "Who Killed Sara?". They have a firm grip of their respective characters and seem dissolved in them.
If you are among the few who haven't seen it yet: believe the hype, it really is THAT good. Who Killed Sara? online may not depict reality the way others movies - but then it's not about that, either. From an artistic point of view - performances, writing, direction, camera, music - this show is every bit as good, Who Killed Sara? online a lot more creative freedom. Watch Who Killed Sara? online is well written, well directed, all the actors are incredible, the whole team does an excellent job on this entire series. You feel (whether good or bad) for every single character on this show, the character arcs and development are works of art. "Who Killed Sara?" will always sit on my top 10 list. If you haven't seen it, get to it!
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No matter what anyone says, I don't care, this is possibly the greatest cinematic experience I have witnessed as a whole in 2021. You cannot even compare it to other TV shows , really. I was expecting the typical path every show takes with the same old predictable directions they go in, but luckily I didn't read online and knew nothing. As a result, I was taken in and blown away. But then you get absorbed into this world you never thought you would meet, nor have you ever seen before. You keep waiting for it to become a typical show, but as the seasons progress, you just never witness or experience that at all.
The directing by José Ignacio Valenzuela was just magnificent. The acting is incredible. Every single actor or actress nailed their role in Who Killed Sara? online. The subtexts, themes, and profundity is all in there, but not everyone will find those things. A masterpiece?.....Is there a term for something beyond a masterpiece? If there was, then this is it .
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As I've already touched on, the character development is greatly due to the fact that this story is not told in a 40 min segment, but throughout several hour long intervals, giving us the chance to truly "get to know" the characters personalities as the story develops. I cannot stress enough how good Who Killed Sara? online is. I've watched a lot of TV in my life and this show still remains the best show I've ever seen, but when you finish the show you'll never be the same..I guarantee you
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